How to Sex Society Finches

Published on by Igor Dusanic

How can yuo tell the sex of SOCIETY FINCHES?

Society finches are very active birds, and will keep their owners entertained with their antics. They are typically brown and white, but can be any combination of black, beige and gray. Unlike birds that are in the wild, both the male and female of this species are the same colors, making it hard to tell the males from the females by sight alone. These finches must be watched for personality characteristics in order to tell which sex they are.


  • Pay close attention to the sounds your finches make. Both sexes make chirping noises, but only the males will sing.


  • Check the vent on the underside of the bird during breeding season. Male finches will have a slight protrusion in this area, and females will not.


  • Keep an eye on your finches during breeding season. Females will lay eggs whether or not there are males in the cage.

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