How to Tell the Sex of Zebra Finches

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How to tell if a Zebra Finch is Male or Female?

Igors zebra finches

Zebra finches originate from Australia and are known to be highly social birds. For this reason they are very popular pet birds, as long as they are kept in pairs. It can be a little tricky telling the difference between a male and female zebra finch. However, there are ways to find out easily. If you are considering finches for sale and would like to know the difference between the sexes, see the following guide.


  • You won’t be able to see a physical difference in zebra finch sex until after their first moulting (or feather shedding).


  • Take a close look at the beaks of your pet birds. The male’s beak is brighter and more of an orange/red colour; the female’s is not as bright and is a pale orange shade.


  • The male breast has a black breast bar across it, while the female does not have one at all.


  • Male zebra finches have orange patches on their cheeks which are not found on females.


  • Look at the throat of finches for sale. Males have zebra looking stripes there.


  • Finally, look at the feet and legs of the zebra finch. Males have deep orange/red coloured feet, with the females’ being pale in comparison.

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Penny 04/18/2015 15:47

So confused. I have one finch that doesn't have the breast bar but has the red cheeks. It doesn't have a lot of spots on its wings and has lighter colored feathers... We named it ash. The lady at the store said it was a boy but "he's " getting a lot of attention from the boy I already had... Is it possible it's girl? 03/04/2015 09:12

No matter how long people they should not confined their limits in order to get education only because they are getting old. But in fact people in old age have more time to observe and acquire knowledge in better way.

Chris farncombe 02/26/2015 22:23

Thanks a big help.

Barbara Pickett 02/17/2015 16:43

This info is very useful. Thank you